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Jan 2, 2020
Why is coming up with new ideas so hard? Here's a few sites to be inspired from!

Statistics over the types of games that users play :

Puzzle – 57.29%
Arcade- 55.60%
Racing- 31.31%
Card- 15.44%
Board- 14.09%
Simulation- 13.72%


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Aug 3, 2021
I find inspiration from old games I used to love playing, I might not "finish" games often, but, I'm one of them that will tinker with a genre, then get bored, lol, but I do nip back on them on occasion and add bits and bobs... I've got this one sitting pretty which I may work on in CBX depending:-

The only thing really putting me off is I'd need to think of a new character as I'd get my bot sued otherwise! :D lol

I do have a finished one in GLBasic that needs a home, thats been on the backburner for a while, maybe one day... It isnt a massive game, but one people do seem to enjoy, and the original was public domain too, so... No fear of another C&D which I've had in the past from them @rseholes at Atari trying to pretend they own a word.

Anyway, the code I'm moving over to CBX from BlitzMax is indeed based on an old PS fave of mine, I have a bit of an urge to get it finished into a proper jobbie... And I've never had that feeling since, pffft... A long time, and I'll be honest, the fact I'm enjoying moving it over is helping as well... Got all the basic mechanics sorta done now, and it's only been, what... A fortnight off and on! :D wahey

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