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noBug iOS white line across top


New member
Sep 12, 2017
there is one row of white pixels across the top of the screen on iPhones

How do I get rid of the row of white pixels ?

How do I expand the graphics area there is a fairly large blank area top and bottom that I want to use ?

I have spent a few hours looking and the modules and found the ‘native.ios’ file where the graphics are done but I cant find the correct place and how to modify it ? even though it seems short and only three routines for this’

I got cerberus working , as of iOS 11 most of the monkey X demos wont build so I have mored to cerberus’

I have an working App but the screen is cropped and that annoying white line of pixels accross the top shouldnt be there. I need the top and bottom bits of the screen for cerberus to be useful’

I have decided to stick with cerberus because of the open nature of the modules wins against competition for me.

Cerberus is working on iOS 11 but monkey X is no longer useful much !

Im keen to learn how to modify this iOS graphics module so I can test/improve it further , why is the white line there still ? And why is the screen not full screen ? Please help !
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In native.ios.cpp found the following:



I dont know if the problem is in CLS not clearing the top row ? or one row of pixels is not rendered ? im not familiar with modules so im experimenting but not able to fix the white line yet.
After a few more hours experimenting In the meantime I have patched the App by modifying the module at ‘BeginRender’ I added to height in thiis routine height+100 that moved the graphics up and over the white line , but you cant rotate or top gets cut off

Im not able to get use of the whole screen yet ?
Just a quick shot. But have you added a launch image for all different resolutions? Otherwise DeviceWidth and DeviceHeight might return wrong values.
Thank you for help , I also just found it nyself its the launch image to small for iPhone 6

So I should be able to fix this , I have a great understanding now how the compiler works around the native.ios module for the future.

Everything is working well now (once I fix the Line)

Xcode 9 is much faster and I only need to have wifi for first signing of product unlike last xcode version so this has made build times much faster and simpler Cerberus is easier to build for iOS now, on my old Macbook i can build and run within about 5 seconds !
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Awesome and welcome back. ;)
I decided to push on with Cerberus since you can (virtually) lift the bonnet and change the carburator unlike most compilers, thats what made me re-think this Cerberus compiler.

Im keen to closely examine the iOS modules and learn how to modify it.

Once I fix the ‘white line’ I will post details of the fix im seeing it with mojo and mojo2 on an iPhone 6 with iOS 11.

The frustration comes from spending to many hours manually setting up Monkey X but I see this has greatly been sorted

I have been using Cerberus for a few days now and I can go from Ted to iPhone in about 5 seconds thats fast , last xcode was much slower , so much better due to xcode now remembering the developer team and other settings without internet connected that had to be reset every build for last xcode version. I was really nervous how iOS 11 would effect things.
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I have the launch image in the xproj folder , the notorious white line is gone

If nothing else I gained at least 15 hours more experince with Cerberus to fix the white line maybe this fix could become built into Cerberus to save newbies lke me from getting confused, I spent hours using a system called ‘hit and miss’ which mostly missed !

There are no warnings from xcode now, im able to make changes and retest on a real iPhone very quickly, the build speeds are way fast, I can go from Ted to iPhone in well under 10 seconds on my old Mac book with 4 Gb RAM.

The CPU load sits around 10 % , about 8 Mb RAM use, I think the .app file is 520K

I would really like to see more work on the iOS build , icon editor, window size, developer signing option, target ios etc integrated into Ted would be a good addition on a visual designer tab.
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