Is Metal support coming to Cerberus?


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May 3, 2020

So I got a Mac finally and I`ve been playing with SpriteKit for a few weeks or so and while I do like Swift and SpriteKit do have some neat features, I don't actually like this node and actions system in SpriteKit because it is turn the code in to a spaghetti very quickly as forcing you to implement things a certain way, certain places in the code that break the natural flow of my thoughts, forcing me to think differently then what I am used to and it is slowing me down. Not being able to target other platforms with SpriteKit make it even less attractive to put the effort in to learn how to make games with it.

So I am considering to return to Cerberus but Metal support would be important to continue support iOS and macOS and could also open up the possibility to target watchOS and tvOS which are interesting platforms to consider imo.

I remember we were talking about back then bringing Metal support to Cerberus through FNA and other graphics and game engines maybe but we reached no agreement.
I have noticed not a lot was happening on GitHub and the forum since and I am wondering if there is any plans finally to bring Metal support?
I` am afraid I already know the answer is no, but figured I ask.



Jun 19, 2017
I` am afraid I already know the answer is no, but figured I ask.
And my answer is, you are wrong. :) We are looking into this definitely and are discovering current possibilities, for an example Sokol.
@Phil7 also got a Macbook now. Targeting Metal with CX is our goal. We can't say right now when it will be ready and have basically nothing to show atm.
Yes it is/was quite atm. But daily life is very very taxing atm for all of us. Plus such experiments are not published to the github before we know that we can take this route. And if we use a middleware like Sokol/FNA, we have to take ALL targets into account, not only the Apple ones.
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