Is this always alive ?

What do you mean by "always" and "updated"? Especially @MikeHart was really quick and reliable in the past when breaking code changes on targets or bugs etc. came up that kept people from using CX.
Currently we are working on a new release.
I am sure he refers to having not seen a release package for over a year. Which is long. There where quite some additions pushed to GitHub but no release package compiled for easy access.

Currently I am fighting to create one for MacOS and there notarizing all the apps that come with CX. MacOS become so tight regarding running external apps that our old method of releasing CX unsigned simply doesn’t work anymore. Our editor Ted is the problem here. as it is packed with QT frameworks and one is a bitch when it comes to notarizing it. To bad we still rely on Ted.

If you are not afraid of building CX yourself, grab the develop branch on GitHub. Dawlane created new build scripts which run great.

Once i have that MacOS build going, I will create releases more frequently again.

On a side note, my main job is super demanding (45-60 hrs per week) atm and adding to that I have a side job of 12 hrs a week. So there isn’t much time currently for anything else. The side job will end in September and I expect my main job to calm down soon as well. So there is light at the end of the tunnel. ☺️
@CrystalNoir can you detail your expectations regarding “is it updated” a bit more?
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