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Showcase Little Math Game


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Feb 19, 2018
This project was originally made in Monkey2, but for some reason the game didn't start on some Android devices, if the game used sound.
Now the game is completely rewritten in Cerberus X with sound. :) Here's a bit blurry video of the game:

Play Store link.

When you have completed enough puzzles, comes a little resting scenario. Perhaps the easiest way to get to resting scenario is to play with difficulty level 2.

What do you think about the game? :)
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Good work, can I suggest 'Reveal the answer' instead of 'Reveal the puzzle' (the puzzle is already revealed/shown!)
Congrats on publishing another app.
For me it was to easy. Regarding the interface....
1) it isn't obvious that you have to click the question marks to change them. Maybe select them automatically.
2) when finishing a puzzle correctly, switch to the next one after a little delay automatically.
3) Have a timer running down in which you have to solve a puzzle.
Thanks for your comments! Good points! :) I will bear in mind your suggestions in the next update of the game.
I'd like to add, that when you've solved enough puzzles, you'll get to this screen:


The "Good work!!" text scrolls with some kind of old school way like we saw in the 80's with relaxing music. :)
That little bridge is here near where I live.
I have updated the game to version 2.1. Not much new, I've changed the text "Reveal the puzzle" to "Show the answer". Code is optimized. Here's a video of the game on Android tablet.

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