Showcase Memorable Melodies

Welcome to the forum and congratulations on publishing your first android game.
Nice to see that you have finished your first game. I will try it later.
The melodies / tunes are a bit complex to be memorized actually, I had to help myself in linking "this is the slow one", "this is the percussive one" and so on ;)

The game crashed in Level 3. Two times. And I think it was both times when I tapped the first thingy.

BTW: You should have renamed the package name. I don't know if you're going to run into trouble, but com.cerberus.cerberusgame is the default.
I must check the code. I haven't ran into problems myself with the game, but in case there is some nasty bug, the code should be corrected.

The package name is my Android beginner mistake.. :)

Before publishing in order to see if the game works, I wrote into paper some key elements about the little tunes and the color. :) This is how I managed to finish the game. Before that I tried by memorizing tunes many times, but failed. But the game didn't crash at all. But like said, I must check the code, there just might be some bug.
Old thread, anyway... I have checked the code of Memorable Melodies and I haven't found anything that might cause the game to crash. I asked one of my relatives, that has the game ever crashed on him, he said no. I really can't tell why the game would crash...
Version 1.2 of the game is now available.

The code is cleaner, it may have fixed something I've missed, though the game worked on me from version 1.0.

New in version 1.2: There seemed to be sometimes (on level 4) problem with playing the music. Now the game checks if MusicState() = -1 and if it is, the game will try to play the music until MusicState() = 1 (without a busy loop). Also a cheat added: Pressing at the upper right corner on the screen clears all the mistakes.

Below a video of me playing the game on tablet:

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