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Jan 21, 2023
Hi!, I am developing a game in HTML5 and I need to know how much memory it occupies at any moment. Is there any command for this?. Thanks in advance
There is an API to determine how much memory a page uses BUT from what I read it might not give you the correct result.
On Firefox (don't know other browsers) you can just type in the URL bar: "about:performance" and it will show you how much memory processes are taking.

Here is my own samurai game, running in one tab and the other I can see its using 550KB ;)

This is not the total impact though - using webgl things go into the GPU too - but this should give you an idea :)

ops my code took 19mb and increasing while using, i need to do something
19MB isn't anything to worry about, really. If you look at anything made with Unity for web... you're going to sit down and cry 😅
it grows for eeeach time i press a key haha, 1mB per press ;) i did something terrible i still need to find the bug
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