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Jun 19, 2017
Here is a list of the user modules posted so far:

Restricted Profiles on Android
Advanced Mice for Android and HTML5
Lock screen orientation during run time for Android
Export/Import Strings on Android (SAF)
Vortex2 - 3D Module
LocalStorage (HTML5)
Advanced Keyboards for Android
System Check for Android target (get info about OS)
Autofit Mojo2 version
CollisionMask (mojo2)
Proquint - Int to a readable string and back
Image Filter
Inifinite Planes for MiniB3D
SoundText (and WavData)
SaveImage module (mojo2)
Google Play Game Services
Video module
Admob Rewarded Videos
Appodeal module
SaveImage module (mojo2)
Dynamically load and save objects using Reflection
fantomCX- A game framework for Cerberus X (mojo2)
Various MonkeyX Modules (by CopperCircle)
Access to camera photos - Android only
Polar Collision Module
Path finding class
SimpleUI module
guiBasic module
Vortex2 beta released - 3D module
holzchopf.cubicbezierease - Cubic Bézier Easing made easy
Google Play Game Services v1.0.1
holzchopf.mojo2overlayshaders - blends like overlay in professional graphics software
holzchopf.mojo2maskshaders - Image masking made easy
RectsOverlap, RoundedRect and RoundedRectDrawable
holzchopf.color and holzchopf.mojo2color - HSB colouring and mixing
crt shader module
SDL2 Mixer for Cerberus-X (module/tracker music playback) p2p messaging
Mojo2 GIF loader

These frameworks and modules were not posted here but it is always nice to have a direct link to them:

IgnitionX, Pyro, Pyro2
A small date-time module for the Cerberus-X language
MikMod integration for Cerberus-X (GLFW target)

If you have more modules to post, please drop me a PM. I will definitely have a look through this list of treasures to see what is still available and might still work.
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