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Jul 6, 2017
Sorry for mentioning Monkey instead of CerberusX in the name, the pun was too tempting (DO stands for "dénomination orale" - French for "oral picture naming")

I've begun working on this in november and it's been used at the hospital a few times since during awake brain surgeries.
It simply displays images or text in many different fashions, in the left/right visual field, for example. Before surgery we ask the patient to name a set of 80 pictures and MonkeyDO allows us to select the pictures he successfully named. We used to use powerpoint slides before that which was OK but took too much time to handle in my opinion.


This week I added a simple but very useful feature : pressing keys 0-9+-/*. on the numpad during the surgery allowed us to trace the patient's errors and store them into a log file, which we can then convert to an Excel tab for statistical analysis.
The logfile goes like this :

11:05:27 - 05 canard - réalisation arthrique altérée
11:05:29 - 05 canard - arrêt du mouvement
11:06:07 - 13 sapin - arrêt du mouvement
11:06:10 - 13 sapin - manque du mot
11:06:46 - 20 rhinocéros - manque du mot
11:07:21 - 24 téléphone - réalisation arthrique altérée
11:07:29 - 26 avion - réalisation arthrique altérée
11:07:51 - 30 balai - arrêt du mouvement
11:07:56 - 31 père noël - speech arrest / initiation difficile
11:07:59 - 32 chat - réalisation arthrique altérée

We use an external numpad with custom stickers on it to point errors. We tried it during a surgery on friday (awake time approx 2h15) and it worked well (a student was pressing the keys while I was watching and listening to the patient and pointing errors)

In the near future we will probably use different sets of error-key mapping according to the lesion site, using 2 ou 3 different external numpads with different stickers on it :). Changing key mapping is quite easy to perform by modifying some config text file.

Haven't read this article but it's probably a good starting point to understand the principles of awake brain surgery, Pr. Hugues Duffau being one of the leading surgeons in that field :


Jun 19, 2017
Thanks for this devlog. A very interesting read. Please update as you progress.
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