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Jan 2, 2020
When it comes to a really good game experience you need not just smooth graphics but you need
good timing, motion and animation, even intensional delays!

This is a big thing in whatever you do so of course I'm so suprised that e.g. after Flash disapeared, that HTML has no strong animation part. Everything else it has, is amazingly strong you have control over everythign pretty much.
But programaticall animation is a shortage.. everywhere in the programming world actually.

What happened since the "invention" of tweening? Not much, but it has always been there, and now it's a really big part of everything you do. On the web-deveopment front now got things like Greensock but that's pretty much it. Adobe Animate can export html5 but but it's often not a good workflow. Too much work.

So I'm interested in motion, is hard to make.. what are your ways of doing motion? :coffee:

Do you do a lot of programmatical animation? Do you use special tools?
What things works great together with Cerberus?


Jun 19, 2017
What things works great together with Cerberus?
I think there was some time a user module supporting Spine, but that is the only thing I heard of.

So far I have used only image frames for animation. I have experimented with Spriter which is similar to Spine.

As soon I have my UI module done, besides a sprite sheet tool and corresponding module I want to work on an animation tool.


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Jun 26, 2017
The more visual effects you use, the more complicated it gets and the need for a framework comes up.
@MikeHart s fantomCX can deal with animations and tweening.
Regarding tweening, oftentimes you don't need to specify the endstate, so you can just go with some particle like motion where you tweek the change of rotation, alpha, translation etc with time (Like this demo of the pyro framework) . There is for example timelineFX and there is a module for CX.
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