MSVC SDK version


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Jul 6, 2017
Back in september, I released a Windows game and on most customers' computers everything went fine, but a few people couldn't launch the game at all on their Windows 10 machines (the window opened and then closed). It was a MSVC compile and for weeks I couldn't see what was wrong.

For some reason I recently opened the MSVC project and "retargeted" the project to the Windows 10 SDK (instead of the default Windows 8.1 SDK). And all of a sudden that new executable is working everywhere, from Windows 7 machines to the Windows 10 computers on which the previous build did not launch.

It wasn't the only change I had made to the toolchain, I also used the latest CX version from Github just before 20-11-15 version was officially released, so I'm not sure what worked here and why. Anyway I'm glad my game works on every customer's PC now but what do you think of it?
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