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Showcase Msx Compiler


Oct 26, 2019
Hi everyone, I created a compiler that converts an MSX basic program in machine language (Z80) and create the .dsk or .rom file to try on an emulator or on a real MSX Home Computer, all made with Cerberus X.
It works on Windows and Mac OS X.

You can download it from Github


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I remember the MSX from my teenager years. A very rare thing to see back then. Great job. And thanks for sharing. Which emulator can you suggest?
(I can't wait for the new version of Cerberus to come out!:love:
Will it take a long time?)
@bosh77. You do know that you are possibly in violation of the GPL licence by not releasing the source code? You will also have to check that any other external sources are compatible with the GPL-v3 licence.
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Oh I just went to the repository and I think dawlane has a point here. Using the GPL forces you to release the source code as well.
thanks for the information. what license can I use without having to include the source code? whereas openal32 is also included.
Legal advice should be sort when distributing software where licencing is involved.
The openal32.dll that comes with Cerberus is openal-soft under the LGPL-v2, which if I understand allows dynamic linking against any software without the sources needing to be made available. You will have to read section 4-7 of the LGPL-v2 licences under Openal32_COPYING and Openal32_LICENCE. They give licence details and where to get a copy of the openal-soft sources. Both of these are in the libs directory.
If you have any doubt, then remove the openal32.dll and distribute the official the software installer from https://www.openal.org/downloads/ with your applications.
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I removed the link for licensing issues, if you give me your email I'll send you the link to download it by tonight if I can. do you want windows or mac version?
Hi, take your time :)

I just started a new job here, so time for me is *very* scarce right now - as much as I want to, I won't have time to check it out :(
I think you should be fine. It would have been nice to mention CX in your readme, but that is just my opinion.
My Windows 11 machine blocked the download of the windows zip file at first. Not sure why. Anyway, great project.
Amazing work, well done! I have spent much time in front of MSX machines in the 80's so this takes me back!
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