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Sep 9, 2017

My current project needs a turn based online.
I know Google did one that ran alongside leaderboards and google accounts. Sadly theyve stopped support of this
It was very useful. It would find other users for you, create rooms etc.

I could implement my own, but would need a server to track rooms and users and i dont want to get involved with storign user data etc

What other options are out there?

I know Mike posted up code for which is really useful, but doesnt seem to be live anymore.

What i am looking for are libraries that already have a user base (facebook, google etc). Im playing Scrabble Go at the mo and i really like the way multiplayer works on that and how seemless it is to the game.

Android at the moment
For multiplayer I've been using PlayerIO in the past:

The server side code need to be done in C#, the client side can be written in Java, C#, JavaScript and Objective-C.
The nice thing about it, it has a reasonable free plan which is perfect for testing and the paid plan basically include everything, database, payment processing and even web hosting to setup a product page for your game or company.

I don't know how reliable it is for commercial use, I only played with the free plan but it was pretty good.

An other solution I've found back then was but I never tried it.

I also did some online search and found these:
Epic Online Service
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Thanks for this.. I'll take a look
Has anyone tried this or a similiar service so far to get multiplayer going?
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