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Jun 19, 2017


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Thanks! Yeah I think it was kind of a good one and fun to play.

@Pierrou That could be, it was in the stores already before but was removed by Google...

Added the store link to the first posting.
Great game. Never played it before.
Some suggestions...

Have the ability to resume the game when you accidently pressed menu.
Have a little more space between ui items when you are in game.
ah thanks, good suggestions!
I like this game. It was one of the first monkey X games that had my attention.
Suggestions (just polish ideas)
- Some positive music in the background would be nice.
- It could help the overall atmosphere if some of the background would move a bit occasionally. (Clouds drifting, Flowers turning)
- The swipe back from the statistics is not obvious. There could be a button to get back to the menu at the bottom of the screen. This would also help to get rid of the empty space there.
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