Pixelart-Pixelperfect Camera?


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Sep 18, 2023
Hello, i was here some time ago.
And because the weird unity-thing i would take a look outside godot for a new project.
I just make pixelart games and my question is...before i search at all and find nothing.
Are there features in cerberus-x they support pixelart games?
Otherwise i have manually handle resolution/aspect ratio and pixelperfect handling.
In my case i start a 640x360px game but the handling should be automic depend on the screenresolution and aspect ratio(with black borders if needed)
I hope its understandable.
In the examples folder. There is one called autofit. That should handle resolutions and aspect ratio.
If you mean by pixel perfect handling to mean collision detection, then you would have to implement that yourseld.
Okay that sounds good.
I´ll take a look at the examples.
Maybe there are collision shapes for sprites too. I´ll see.
Cerberus-X is absolutely perfect for efficinet high-quality pixel games. I have not done pixel exact collision though as I have simply not needed it so far but Im sure there are ways avaiable already so you dont' have to implement it yourself. I tend to use rectangular collisions and other matehmatical tricks.
@c0d3r9 Please ask if you need something specific. There are a bunch of Open Source engines and frameworks for Cerberus out there. And there will be someone in the forum who did run into the functionality or code you are looking for. There are still a lof of hidden gems that have not been integrated in the main project.
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