Playing with 3D on Cerberus-X

HTML5 is surprisingly fast these days, except for that colourisation thing.
Whooops! Sorry, I missed you message, Mike!

Unfortunately, not right now, but I am working on line / sphere collision testing, which could be used for picking (although it won't be 100% precise). I will upload a sample on how to do screen picking with that, although I will probably add real picking soon.

I have been busy lately, work is not letting me dedicate much time to Vortex2 these days, but I have been working on a better shader architecture (to allow you to use custom shaders) and the ability to enable a separate depth pass when rendering that should improve per pixel lighting performance.

No problem Javi, I was just wondering if there was any. The world won't collapse without it :)
Hi Javi,

just wondering if you are working on Vortex further. Do you?
Cool, people will like that. For me real object picking is a must to port my game to Vortex. So I guess I am out of luck :)
Don't worry, Ferret3D. I have it on my todo list. It will be added before the 2.0 final, I am just busy with a couple of other things right now.
Still no go on Android for me, i tested on 3 devices.
It runs without an error but the app go's to the background, if i try to bring it to the foreground it just pops back.
Wait a second, that sounds familiar to me! I had the exact same problem with my app right at the beginning. I don't remember what exactly caused this behaviour (Google helped me out in the end). Must have been something tiny, like drawing an non-existing image, forgetting SetUpdateRate or drawing outside OnRender... :rolleyes: What I can say for sure is, it had nothing to do with permissions, because (behold the logic): I first thought it had to do with that. But if that would have been the case, I'd have found the problem right away and never had to google for the symptoms :D

I hope this helped anyway...
So its fixable.

I used the collision example for mi tests.
Ill try a bare bones app, maybe i can pinpoint the error.
Which version are you using? 2.0-beta o last version on github? I have been making changes to the engine based on the reports of several users and there have been lots of fixes regarding Android. It works on many devices by limiting the number of lightghs and bones enabled, while on some other devices it requires manually tweaking the shaders (basically, you must remove normal mapping support).

I am rewriting the shader architecture completely, and will be doing tests on a Samsung Galaxy Note II, so the next beta version (which I will probably release in 2-3 weeks) will work correctly on Android.
That is good news!

I'm currently using 2.0, ill checkout the github version.
World.Init() fails and causes the app to close.

If Not World.Init() Then EndApp()
I will work on it these days, as soon as the new shader system is implemented and tested on Android and I fix an issue with animation, I'll post beta2.
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