Polygons on Android?


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Jan 2, 2020
How would you best execute drawing polygons efficiently on mobiles using Cerberus?

Aiming at 2000-6000 polygons per frame on low-powered devices. Would you use DrawPrimitivesIndexed or would you prefer using other techniques?
Why don't you try yourself with simple tests? I would use drawlists where ever possible.
6000 Polys on low-powered devices might be to much on CX and Android.
6k means Playstation 1 class so you're probably right.

I can't do any testing anymore for myself as I don't own a slow enough Android. The one I own now is a budget model but it's strong which is not good from a developer standpoint. I know you could easily do 2-3k polygons without any slowdowns on a old Android, those numbers comes from the last time I did a test, and that's a good start I guess. I hade 4000 sprites and 2000 polygons 60 fps, and a shitty Android. This is why I love Cerberus.

But regarding Drawlists they have always given me a slower performance compared to not using drawlists.I really wanted to use them for a long time as they seemed to be a great solution to a problem I had where I needed to store the contents of the canvas, but eventually I decided to not use them because of a performance drop (I would actually call it a quality-drop not a performance drop).

Without drawinglist the update would be stable regardless of the number of objects moving on the screen. With lists it could actually crack up after a few thosounds objects. Counter-intutive for sure.. I tried to find the reason and I tried for a long time but I didnt' find out why.

Luckily DrawPrimitive commands are IMO the commands that needs Drawinglist the least if you know what I mean, they are practically lists by themselves. I'm not used to 3D libraries / API's and for a start I will not even need them I will do a lot do 2d vector graphics, which I am looking so much forward to do!
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