Fixed Potential graphics bug with Viewport and v2020-11-15


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Jan 2, 2020
With the latest version (V2020-11-05) you need to add a few lines if your game uses more than one canvas.
Below are 3 lines that will help fix your game. Be aware that It might be the case that you only need to add one or two of them.

So if your game has oversized sprites or de-arranged graphics.
Try do this for every canvas in either OnCreate or OnRender

Local w:Int = DeviceWidth()
Local h:Int = DeviceHeight()
allcanvases.SetViewport 0,0,w,h
allcanvases.SetScissor 0,0,w,h
allcanvases.SetProjection2d 0,w,0,h
Where is the attached project so we can confirm your claim?
Test code


Import mojo2

Function Main()
    New MyApp

Class MyApp Extends App

    Field canvas:Canvas 
    Field readonlyimage:Image     
    Field layer2:Canvas
    Field layer3:Canvas
    Field image2:Image 
    Field image3:Image
    Field size:Int=32
    Field wx:Int, wy:Int
    Field tilemap:Int[512*512]
    Method OnCreate()

        readonlyimage = Image.Load("512x512sprites.png",0,0,0)
        image3 = New Image(readonlyimage.Width,readonlyimage.Height,,,0)
        image2 = New Image(256,256,0,0,0)
        layer2 = New Canvas(image2)
        layer3 = New Canvas(image3) 
        canvas = New Canvas
        SetSwapInterval 1
        SetUpdateRate 0 

     Method OnRender()
        Local w=DeviceWidth, h=DeviceHeight     
        canvas.SetViewport 0,0,w,h ; canvas.SetScissor 0,0,w,h ; canvas.SetProjection2d 0,w,0,h ; canvas.Clear 0,0,0
          'layer3.SetViewport 0,0,w,h ; layer3.SetScissor 0,0,w,h ; layer3.SetProjection2d 0,w,0,h ' ADDING THIS THIS LINE FIXES IT
          layer3.Clear ;    layer3.DrawImage readonlyimage,0,0 ; layer3.Flush
        layer2.SetViewport 0,0,w,h ; layer2.SetScissor 0,0,w,h ; layer2.SetProjection2d 0,w,0,h ; layer2.Clear 0,0,0
        layer2.DrawImage readonlyimage,0,0
        ' You can also do this instead to fix it. Just change 256,256 to 512,512.
        ' Where older versions of Cerberus does not care of the value below
        ' The new version demands that the value below to be (in this case) 512x512 or the graphics will rearrange & stretch.
        layer2.DrawImage image3,256,256
        Local somesize:Int = 600
        canvas.DrawRect 0,0,somesize,somesize,image2,0,0,256,256


Effect :


Original graphics :


Include this to the data folder to test the code yourself, please delete it afterwards.

Edit: Image deleted.
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Thanks for the sample. Looks like the new code is overambitious regarding individual viewports. Will look at this in detail tonight.
I will also have a look as this is a bug introduced by me. :oops:
Fix is on GH and I plan to compile a new release this weekend.
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