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Dec 13, 2018
Would it be useful to have a default projects path in Options? Also, is Blitmax toolpath actually used in CX?
Care to elaborate the path suggestion more?

Regarding to blitzmax. I use it on windows. If you point it to a blitzmax installation, you can compile bmax sources in Ted.
Care to elaborate the path suggestion more?

I was just thinking of a default path to where the user's projects are stored that would be the default when using File->Open and, probably more usefully, the root folder in the browser rather than the Cerberus install directory. EDIT I realize some people may store their projects in the Cerberus directory but I've moved mine out to avoid issues with upgrading.
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I do that too. How about that CX stores the last opened directory?
Is this what you were looking for?

File->Open project folder...

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