Push notifications in CX


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Feb 2, 2023
Hi, I'm just getting into CX, was previous using AGK. Does CX have the ability to hook into push notifications both in mobile apps and web?
Not that I know off.
May I ask why you don’t use AGK anymore?
I still do, it's great for Andoid, iOS and even desktop games. But the lack of UI (not sure why they still haven't provided it, fails on the App part of AppGameKit) and poor HTML5 suppor (the payload is very large and slow due to the AGKPlayer, and several things don't work).
I used to split my effort between Monkey and AGK years back, but left Monkey due to the changes and lack of support. But now that I've discovered Cerberus, I thought I'd give it a try. I like what you've done with, clean, good docs, great forum, good support for different platforms. Well done.
But wasn’t there a a nuclear module for it? Anyway. I didn’t do much with CX in the last year due to having a 2nd job where we use CX. But that leaves me not much time for anything else. But that might change.
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