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Showcase PuzzPair


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3rd Party Module Dev
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Jul 31, 2017
My newest creation in CerberusX


The brand new version of a still quite brand new game:
Available for Android on Google Play

It's a match 2 / pairs cross over with increasing action and the ability to suck you deep into a world of memory training. Addictive!

Cool stuff, if you have 300x300 image, I'll put it in the gallery.
Version 1.03 is up and available for Android!

The new version mainly improves items:
- item 'slow fall' is now 'slow game' and slows down everything
- items 'destroy one' and 'destroy kind' removed
- added item 'destroy row'
- added item 'destroy column'
- adapted help pages accordingly
- active duration of certain items increased
- also, game over screen can now be exited with back button
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