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Implemented Rebranding CX - Boiling down naming suggestions

@MikeHart It's only the 18 September.

My favourites:

I know, but despite quite some visits of members the forum, not many responded. And some didn't even read what @Phil7 posted. Imho it is pointless. The only thing i will change now is moving the forum to my server and move the domain to my provider as well. I have the space and free domains. So it is no extra cost for me and Martin doesn't have to pay for it anymore.
Cx will stay free, every user wins.

Thanks again to everyone who suggested names. I won't post any of these kind of topics in the future anymore. It confuses people and some don't like that.
No i didn't
Finally, What was choosen brand name?
I admit that the name Cerberus X was a little bit confusing: I googled it and there are too much cerberus...
One question though, seeing the list in post #1. Is CX dedicated to game ONLY? Me I want to creat apps also, not possible? If we target apps creation, we may have more developers in CX.
One question though, seeing the list in post #1. Is CX dedicated to game ONLY? Me I want to creat apps also, not possible? If we target apps creation, we may have more developers in CX.

It's a general-purpose language. But it has no official GUI, and none that look like an 'office' GUI, as far as I know. For games that's a good thing, for some app genres it's fine, but for more 'business style' apps you would need something like that. And true type fonts obviously!
There is a huge investment company called Cerberus and a PC case brand called Cerberus X. Both didn't knock on my door so far.

I think as soon Cerberus X may become more popular and begin to hurt the search result of the PC case manufacturer (you search for PC case reviews but you get a programming language tutorials and reviews), they may choose to attack if they own the brand. I do like the name but maybe it would be wise to reconsider and find a unique one. I think the X should remain in the name from Monkey X as the sign of the origin.
So then, you can reconsider everything people did throw in by adding X to the end of each.
Just found this thread, I suppose the 'search' is suspended or still in progress...

It seems quite difficult found something 'new'.. and the list doesn't consider the 'dialect' (Basic ... it's full of variant).

QUARK seems 'free' of use :) (if I consider the 'multi target' nature of CBX it has some affinity...sort of)
We are not in search anymore, the suggestions back then where quite enough. But for now a rebranding is suspended.
Sorry to bump this, but that's the single biggest killer for me as a new developer... searching the internets for help and suggestions and guides is practically a non-starter because both Cerberus-X and Monkey-X bring up so many other unrelated noise results.

Even putting quotes around doesn't really help, so the sooner a rebrand can happen, the better for everyone I think.
Besides Github and the archive of the old forum, there isn't much to be found.
That's not quite what I mean though. I just did a search on Google for "Cerberus X" with quotes - the main CX site is in third place under two different sites selling the "Cerberus X ATX case" and some videos talking about ATX cases.

Monkey-X is better about this but not a lot - so my 0.02c such as it is, is to go with something more unique for a name :)
Ya it's hard to find stuff I have to agree there, but so far the web has not got much.. hopefully more information will arrive eventually so it needs to be foundable.

Game maker Lab .. or ..
Indie-maker.. or ..
REALIS.. or ..
INDIEGO.. or ..
IndieNinja.. or ..

or .. my personal favorite :

BongoBongo ("pride pride")
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