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Jan 2, 2020
Hi, i'm here to tell you that I am remaking the HTML5 template for me, and wanted to ask you a few questions.

The thing is that I have a need for the modern API for mouse and touch called Pointer Events ini W3C specifciaitons.
This takes over old mouse events and touch events. Touch events still have some advantage that it has pressure and tilt in their events for every finger but Pointer Events will get that soon if they have nt already got there. They have for pens and the like. This API is still in progress but it is stable enough since 2014 to replace all mouse and touch events on most devices and browsers.

The really really old browsers 2014-2016 might have issue but I do not use that old browsers bc of security issues so I am converting the template from mouse and otuch into only Pointer APIs now.
This way it will always work on touchtables that has Windows (MS have dumped mouse and touch completly).

I am not sure when it will be ready as I am doing a lot of thigns at the same time now, but I will post it here to share for whomever have the same interest as I.
What it gives me in practice is the ability to write code on my Windows tablet AND use touch (right now touch does not work inside any computer browser, the only computer that really has a need for this is windows machines that happens to have touch screen too).

I am not sure about multiple mices yet, but I am looking into those kind of things too.

Wel'll see how it goes :)

btw this is an API meant for mobile devices as well as computers, so I am actually doing it for a few other devices as well not just to support Windows computers with touchscreens. It's basically the future.
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