Remove android:keepScreenOn="true" on Android


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Nov 19, 2019
I don't feel like keeping the screen on is very useful for most video games. The screen time out should not be disabled unless it's really needed for an individual game. This already caused me to drain the battery in a device once when I left it alone for a while after testing a CX project. In the rare case when it's useful for a game with long videos or maybe long reading the developer could add it back in or make a third party module that turns on/off the screen time out during run time. I tried some games made with different engines and most of them don't keep the screen on. This may just be personal preference.



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Jul 3, 2017
Yeah, I'm not for it. Devices tend to turn off the screen to conserve battery - some in very forceful way, so you may be in the middle of your game and the screen would just turn off.

This is exactly to prevent that, so I wouldn't remove it.
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