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SDL2 Mixer for Cerberus-X (module/tracker music playback)


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Jul 5, 2017
Hi all,

I couldn't make my mikmod module work on Android due to lack of skills and basic intelligence.

Thus my 2nd attempt at achieving this - integration with SDL2_Mixer.


SDL_Mixer is officially supported and works on all supported by Cerberus-X platforms making it a good candidate for module music playback on CX.

Please welcome the new CX citizen (as of now - Win/Linux only in Github link above)

I will still use chiptune.js for HTML5 target (https://github.com/deskjet/chiptune2.js/) as emscripten for SDL is not something I am willing to learn unless forced by eternal powers.

Next target - Android! I used it some time ago so hopefully it is a straightforward integration.

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