Steam vs?


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Jan 2, 2020
Anyone got positive experience using Steam?

I was considering to sign up for Steam Direct, 100$ per uploaded App is not cheap but maybe it will pay back eventually, who knows? I'm more conserned what is a good way to sell desktop apps and games to the general public? Microsoft/Android/Apple stores is the aternative I know about.

What are your thoughts about this? I got something I've been working for a few years and
of course I could give it for free but I want to move into the comercial market now and see If I can make some pocket money out of my interests..


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May 3, 2020
I have no experience with Steam but regarding alternatives, I think is the best. it is my preferred place to purchase indie content. is free, you can decide how much revenue you pay to them and you can set it to 0. You can also choose to get paid directly or collected by in which case you can request a pay out any time, no nimium limit. One disadvantage is that if you don't request a pay out after 12 months, they begin to take 10% of your money each month until you request a pay out or you have no money left. But it is understandable, they are not a bank, if you have money with them you have 12 months to take it. After that they charge you.

If you choose to pay 0 to, there are limitations on your account like 10 files I believe and max 500MB something like that. But you can genuinely contact them and request to lift the limit and often they do it for free. The limitations are in place partly to prevent people using as a generic file sharing platform. If you have a good content they likely to lift the limit for you for free.

In any case, it is cost you nothin to try, if it doesn't work for any reason you can just remove your product from
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