Steps to build using MSVC with Windows 10 SDK


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Jul 17, 2017
I had somehow cobbled together building in msvc a year or two ago but accidentally deleted my Visual Studio 2017 this weekend while cleaning out old programs, which broke my ability to build for desktop. I had to go through the process of going from rediscovering what msvc even means to getting it to build my code.

So from basically scratch, here are my steps to get MSVC ("Microsoft Visual Studio"!) building working using the Windows 10 SDK:
  • Using Cerberus 2020-10-18.
  • Install Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition with at least the Windows 10 SDK (10.0.17763.0) checked (under Individual Components -> SDKs, libraries, and frameworks).
  • I had to specify the SDK version for the msvc build process. After some trial and error watching how VS Code saved the setting, I got these steps:
    • Open Cerberus\targets\glfw3\template\msvc\CerberusGame.vcxproj in a text editor.
    • Add the line <WindowsTargetPlatformVersion>10.0.17763.0</WindowsTargetPlatformVersion> under line 16 (the <RootNamespace> tag).
  • Delete your old <projectname>.buildv2020-10-18 folder.
  • Add #GLFW_USE_MINGW=False to the top of your cerberus code you're about to build.
  • Building in desktop should now use MSVC! Enjoy how speedy your builds just got. :)
Hope this saves someone some time!


Nov 19, 2018
Aside from the openal32.dll not found error this speeds things up compile wise on a monumental level.

Just make sure you have OpenAl32.dll installed otherwise it won't build.

You can get OpenAl here
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