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Jun 19, 2017
Hi folks,

I had the last 2 weeks off from my main job so I had some time to work on CX. My main goal was to create a release on all platforms. For this I needed a recent Mac which I got a few weeks ago with a Mac Mini M2. The most impressing thing is the build times. Blazingly faster compared to my Windows PC.
Anyway, after I was convinced that a MacOS release was not possible without signing and notarizing the executables, I ditch in again on a Mac Developer subscription. All together around 1000 Euros to get CX releasing on MacOS again. What a hobby 🤪
But it is out now with the latest development from our community , @Phil7 and myself. Way to long for a bundled release but you guys can always grab the latest from our develop branch at GitHub.

So what is next. I have talked to Phillip yesterday. His plans he will let you know himself. Some of my works depends on his but I am sure he isxdone soon with it.

I am designing a new website for cx right now and making a concept of tutorials and how to present these.

We need to tackle the ads and store stuff for Android and iOS.

My imgui implementation will be finished and released.

i have more on my list but don’t want to get some hopes up.

Btw. Would you like more transparancy on what we have planned and if yes, how should we present it?
GitHub provides projects. Trello is also nice and I think GDevelop utilizes it in a great way. Or some “blog” entries on the new website? Which btw won’t use any CMS.

So 2 cents for your thoughts.

I'm interested in the developmen so an increased transparency would be highly appricaited. It does not relly matter in what shape; blogs, videos, more frequent news articles and WIP updates, anything would be great.

It's exceiting to read there is so many things happening and I understnat that you rather say too little than too much to avoid pressure. Totally relatable. But anyways this was really good news! Great work!
Yes, I think transparency is good. For me it was often the fact that I don't want to talk about things I want to do and then tell everyone that I have to delay it. Mike had to bear a lot of that talking. :p Adding to that I really don't have a rhythm of posting progress. Maybe end of each month is a good point to get some insights!? BTW this isn't meant solely as an answer to @MikeHart s question but also as a question from me how you guys would like to be informed.
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