Team DevLog Phil7- Update 2020/06/27


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Jun 26, 2017
This is my first DevLog ever. So let's see how it goes...

Besides looking into the render layer candidate Sokol and wrapping my head around C99 versus C++11 to see how it could be implemented, I am working on the documentation of Cerberus X.

This is what I have so far:
- New Strukture of the Home page of the docs
- New order and grouping of the language reference (LangRef), divided into seperate pages
- Added some examples to the LangRef
- Added some introduction content for each chapter of the LangRef
- Implementing all information from the keyword pages into LangRef to avoid redundance
- Created some of the subpages of Home with their basic structure


My plans for the next weeks are:
- Finish structure of all subpages
- Implement all existing content somewhere into the new docs structure
- Optimize LangRef content with simpler vocabulary and more examples
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