DevLog Team DevLog Phil7- Update 2023-08-05 - VS Code Extension Mock-Up


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Jun 26, 2017
Hey everyone!

Here are the first screencasts of my VS Code Extension experiments:

I also tried out a lot of things like themes (Do you like the dark one?), snippets, error messages (problems). The functionality you see in the videos is by far not in a productions state and I have to figure out a lot more to get it there, but I first wanted to see what is possible and if I can get it working. This is my first real JavaScript/TypeScript project and I am learning the language and Node.js while writing and refactoring this.

One of the things that keeps me thinking all the time is how to make the functionality visible and easy to use. You can see a Cerberus X icon to the right where I want to make things like targets, config files and examples accessible, but as meintioned I am trying out things to get a feeling for it.
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