The Next-Generation of Web graphics...


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Jan 2, 2020
WebG WebGPU seems to be the new standard for the web and there will be no "WebGL3".

I'm surprised over how low-level it is compared to WebGL but it works more like the modern hardware, all the instructions are grouped like all modern GPU's does and it will give 100% control. So all that seems good I guess.

The shader language it uses called WGSL seems inspired from both Apple's shader code in Metal & Mozilla's SPIR-V.
I'm actually ot giving up totally on WebGl because Apple said they're probably gonna adopt ANGLE for their WebGL 2 implementation but there seem not to be much WebGL2 action happening right now.

Oh well, I think WebGPU will be a target, not something you manually code awfully lot in yourself. You will have pre-processors, compilers, API's languages, or whatever that compiles into it, much like WebAssembly.

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