Trying to Build fantomCX from examples


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Oct 22, 2021
I placed the fantomCX folder into the Modules folder and tried to Build one of the examples,
but it returns Compile error Type 'App' not found.

I'm a complete newbie but willing to learn.
Please make a screenshot of the folder structure of the modules folder and attach it here.
Which platform (Win, Macos, Linux) are you building on?
Hi Mike, screen shot attached. I'm on Windows 11.


  • Screen shot File Structure.jpg
    Screen shot File Structure.jpg
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Oh Dear I just realised I mis-spelt the folder name !

OK now - sorry to disturb you.
By the way - does the documentation have a section on fantomCX ? I can only see Mojo and Mojo2.
If you click in the menu help/rebuild docs it will show up.
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