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Uncut Gems


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Dec 22, 2019
Extremely stressful and a very interesting movie.

Uncut Gems

EDIT: Removed Youtube link to the trailer.
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Simon, please watch out that no material where you dont have the rights to is posted. This forum is based in a country that has pretty stricted rules regarding copyright law.
I don't want to get sued.
Maybe just link to the website.
The trailer looks interesting, maybe give it a shot this weekend.
Thanks for the heads-up.

Simon, please watch out that no material where you dont have the rights to is posted.

So there was a link to the full movie? Those links can be also dangerous as usually they pop-up "you have 999999 virus" windows customer support scam window and others that try to install spyware on your machine, not that I ever tried watching movies such places, but a friend of mine told me about it. Horrible, nasty staff can happen when you visit such websites. :eek:

So apart from being illegal, can be also dangerous.
No not a full movie.
So it was a trailer? Not even trailers allowed to be embedded? I always though trailers are kind of free theye were made to be shared. it is just better for the movie if shared more places, maybe not everyone allowed to host the trailer on their servers but embed should be fine. No?

Or it was a random scene from the movie which is illegal yes even to embed, but trailer too?
I think it's mostly about be super cautious; in this case I think your original trailer was on YouTube and embedded but ultimately served by YouTube? (XF doesn't download content from YT, it just embeds an iframe. If you're concerned I believe this can be turned off in the admin area of XenForo, I can look up how to do it if you like)

I don't know the German copyright laws, but my memory is that this wouldn't be considered infringement; trailers are normally classified as ads and designed to be shared to promote a film.
I would rather not like to shut down videos at all. Because we would still like to share videos of our creations, right? I am not sure about trailers or little film sequences. Since last yrs summer when the europe parlament voted for a new copyright law, things are much more difficult. And can become expensive for the one who runs a place like this.
When it comes to alleged copyright infringements. YouTube is the best source for it.
I usually find it hilarious when:

  • Someone uses a clip for critique or commentary purposes which is considered 'fair use' to then be sued by the copyright holder. Only for the copyright holder to lose their case, because didn't listen to legal advise, mouthed off on social media to their like mind followers about the person that allegedly committed the infringement. The person taking the action is now being sued themselves for legal costs.

  • Someone defending a copyright holder, that ends up getting sued by that copyright holder, for using something that really shouldn't be even be copyrighted, such as a single group of musical notes as a melody. If this was the case, then I'm sure that every musician would be getting sued by whomever holds the copyrights to classical music, as most of the stuff today has it's basis from the classics.

  • When a well known multi national company group issues a take down notice with legal threats to the actual copyright holder for copyright infringements. If said company had done their job properly in the first place and check with their subsidiaries, they would have found out that they had licensed the material from the actual copyright holder. It would have saved them having to make a grovelling apology, plus good will gestures to the copyright holder, so not to end up losing their licence and costing them millions.

  • And YouTube are the worst. Because they don't bother to actually check who is the actual copyright holder. Example: A guitarist posting tutorials only for another YouTube user to use piece of the instrumentals in his own creation that became popular. YouTube removed the original tutorial and told the original musician that he was in breach of copyright. YouTube were very red faced when they found out that they were in the wrong. You would have thought that they would have had a bit of common sense and checked the upload dates.
can become expensive for the one who runs a place like this.

Not only that but If I give this a second thought, if hundreds of people going to start to share all sort of videos here, it could become a pain to moderate them all and decide which one is illegal, which one is not and argue with people why is theirs can not be embedded on the forum while the other can be...etc. I think it should be a forum rule people can embed only gameplay video and maybe even further restrict to be a gameplay of your own creation only to keep it simple.
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