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Nov 19, 2019
On Windows there is a folder inside the user's home directory called "Saved Games". It was added in Windows Vista and it can be moved by the user. It'd be nice if we could make the "cerberus://internal/" path point there. Something like "Saved Games/publisher-name/game-name/"

Currently if I set #GLFW_APP_LABEL="game name" and #GLFW_APP_PUBLISHER="my name" the internal directory will point to a folder in app data which is really nice, but I think the Saved Games folder would be nicer.

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Nope, Breaks currently applications. And not everything made with CX is a game There should be a different method.
Like a config setting.
BTW, you already posted a solution there, why don't you create a module so you can determiniert the path and use that? Unless more user need this, I think there is no need for adding more complexities for a windows only feature.
Here it is. ✌️

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