Vortex will continue


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Jul 12, 2017
Hi all.

More than 2 years ago, I did quit the videogame industry, after having worked there for a decade. I also stopped my hobbyist game development, since I focused on relocating to my home town back from Madrid, my personal life, and my new career as cloud architect in "real world" enginering. This meant that Vortex got effectively abandoned in favor of these other goals.

Since last year, I've been having monthly videoconference calls with some old friends from the indie game dev world, and while we have not much free time, we have decided to celebrate a closed mini game dev compo (it's a private thing just among ourselves). And there I have found a great opportunity to get back to Cerberus-X and Vortex.

While the game I am going to make will be very simple (the idea is to celebrate the compo throughout the entire february, and come out with something of similar qualitty of what is done in some weekend-long jams), the idea is to pick Vortex where I left it, and continue improving on that.

After the compo is over, I'll make a new release with the improvements made, and will consider what other things are required in order to make Vortex a viable 3D engine for Cerberus.


Jun 19, 2017
Hi Javi,

welcome back and that is great to hear. I am looking forward to your enhancements.
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