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Jan 2, 2020
I'm mighty impressed how well Cerberus compiles to HTML5 & JavaScript.
I remember a technology called Asm.one which were a subset of JavaScript that was picked because how well it could be optimized.
This later became implemented as something now called WebAssembly.

Even if asm.one now is long gone that JavaScript subset is still very alive inside browsers and their compilers, and Cerberus seem to use that subset. When you benchmark WebAssembly-bytecode against regular JavaScript (that particular subset of JavaScript) WebAssembly rarely wins.

I'm not kidding when I say that compiling with Cerberus to HTML5 often produces code that executes close to or even faster than desktop.

Once JS was a slow script that everyone taunted like BASIC. Now it rules the world.
We've reached the point where web might well substitute desktop apps/games (y)


Jun 19, 2017
I am not aware that asmjs is used in CX but rather think that browser engines like Chrome are so well optimized that it makes not much of a difference.
Anyway, I agree with you, html5 and JS are very fast these days.
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