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Jan 2, 2020
Hi! I'm popping by quick (I use lots of my time to write a introductory cheat sheet for Cerberus-X beginners now, which I enjoy very much making as I'm learning a lot of details myself, so watch out for that soon) but I found this talk today and thought it might be interesting to follow the coming months.

There are so many projects that are now looking for the next generation general graphics API of what openGL used to be now when OpenGL is dying.

I thought WebGPU was something only for the web that would only replace WebGL but instead it's really interesting. :oops: :cool:

To allow anyone to use WebGPU natively on any platform they're gonna produce C includes so anyone can use their or Googles implmentation on any platform. Exciting times.



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May 3, 2020
LOL. It is looks som much more simple to code then Vulkan. Yet the guy right after saying Vulkan is more simple to use and faster. :oops:

Maybe I remember wrong but I thought the entire purpose of WebGPU is to replace WebGL and actually run native API`s with native calls to the GPU in the web browser and this way achieve faster rendering in the browser and make it more simple to port DirectX, Vulkan and Metal apps to the web but the guy is talking about replacing all API`s on all platforms while Apple and Microsoft clearly not interested giving up Metal and DirectX but maybe run it in the browser only and this is what WebGPU is all about. I am confused why they even try this.

Probably it is my lack of knowledge about this topic, graphics API`s is beyond me but I personally doubt the native implementation. The guy just admitted Vulkan and DirectX is more simple to use and faster and I also doubt it can beat Metal now that Apple have full control over their chips, I also doubt Apple interested in implementing an open-standard that is not the best and WebGPU is clearly not. So what is the point?
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