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Jan 2, 2020
I love this website's design, as a long-time user I want to share some thoughts that I have been thinking of from time to time.
They are all just small things really so I've kept them to myself but because of the update of the site this weekend I'm thinking it would be a good time to share them.

Online examples
Examples should give a good picture of Cerberus what it is. And yes it kind of does but there's room to improve the online examples to give a
way better first impression because; Cerberus is so much more.

1) We could put more interesting and faster, and examples should also prefer Mojo2 as much as possible because the html platform also loves mojo2.

We've seen how we (everyone in the forum) have done simple re-makes of mojo1-examples the last few months and hows it really makes a difference.
For example on how bad some can behave try fireworks In Safari it'll will give you 2-4fps in Safari, Chrome is much better, but mojo2 versions would make it work everywhere as it should, and smoother in every browser.

2) Maybe we could vote for examples, or even better we could have a little example coding-competition. That could be a lot of fun.

Forum re-arrangment
* Make Tutorials & Code snippets separate
* Put DevLogs & Showcase closer to each other in the forum, it would make more sense
* Put CX beginner at the very top and maybe drop the CX (everything is about CX)

These are things that I find worth considering.

Feel free to critique..


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Jun 26, 2017
You made some valid points. Examples need some rework and there are a lot of minor things to do for improving the first impression of CerberusX.
We still have to prioritize somehow and decided to go for usability and futureproofness first.

My first thought regarding the examples was to devide them into different kinds of examples.
I can imagine three categories here:
- showcase examples, to show off what cerberus is capable of, mostly to impress people on the frontpage
- functionality examples, where you can see how certain things are done in CX and what functionality is there (Primitives, Images, Fonts, Input, sound, ....)
- working minigames, to see game logic in action. Something like most of @Pakz examples, maybe with some slight visual enhancements.

... And definitely get rid of the sorting by publisher name. I still can't find some of them when I need to.
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