Where the contact images are located on Android?


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May 3, 2020

It is not really related to Cerberus but I figured I ask maybe someone could give me some hints how to go about this.
I would like to access contact images that was made using the contacts app itself when you can select an image for a contact but I have no idea where to find these images that was made using the contacts app. It is not in the media, camera and images folder. I was searching the web and someone who did also looking for the answer to the same question told he or she did find the images inside a database and was able to extract it but did not share where this database is located and how can you extract it. I was searching my phone storage everywhere but can't find it.

Could anyone give some hints where to look?
Again it is not coding related, I am trying to find the image or database where the image is stored using a file browser. But in case someone knows a magic code or app that could find it, extract it for me, that would be nice too.

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