WIP: Nonterraqueous remake


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May 31, 2020
Hi all, I've been lurking for ages, and recently made a breakthrough of understanding the Cerberus x language (I'm an old fashioned Blitz 2D &3D basic man)
Most helpful for me has been the monkey development book by Mike Heartlef (whom I only just realized is MikeHeart from this forum - I'm a bit slow) and of course invader Jims tutorials.
Gotta confess that cereberus x encourages a much more fun programming style than blitz once I got my head around it :) - just wish I'd have stuck with it years ago instead of giving up easily.

So I have decided to remake an old 1985 Mastertronic Game called 'Nonterraqueous' (by Stephen N Curtis) which was a monster 1008 screen (for an 8 bit computer) arcade adventure space game - basically shoot everything and find the exit.

So far the spine of the game is in, and as a die hard "Data" line programmer, I used a HUGE string to hold all of the room data, and each individual screen is a small array taken from the overall string.

What is left is all the bells and whistles, sounds, particle effects.... fairy dust in other words, but anyway here's a few screen shots for those interested.... (it's based upon the zx spectrum version)


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