The Team

Cerberus X is being developed currently by a team of 3 nice guys. Cerberus X was born out of the OSS release of Monkey X and has seens quite a few updates already. We are commited to the product and its users because we love it!

So who is behind Cerberus X at the moment?

Michael Hartlef (aka MikeHart)

Michael has a history being a support developer. Means he loved creating libs, frameworks and over stuff that will help over developers to get their job done. He did this with 3d GameStudio, Ibasic Pro, thinBasic, Corona, Gideros Mobile, and at the latest, Monkey X. Now his focus lays on Cerberus X. He created and designed the website, layed out and runs the forum, takes care of the social media aspects of Cerberus X and develops CX further. Talking about many hats on ones head.

Olivier Stuker (aka Holzchopf)

Olivier switched to Cerberus X after years of programming in BlitzBasic and BlitzMax. Being a mechanical engineer, creating games always was just a hobby. That’s why he chose simplicity over complexity and decided to go with Cerberus X for mobile game development, of which he released four in 2018 alone. His main contribution to CX so far is the overhaul of its documentation and Makedocs, the tool used to transform Cerberus documentation into help files. Also, he likes to rant about comments from Mark Sibly found in Monkey X source codes.

Martin Leidel (aka Xaron)

Martin was customer #1 for the predecessor Monkey X and released 8 games using it. He was doing mainly C++ in his job for over 10 years and grew up with coding assembly language in the demo scene on C64 and later Amiga. While creating mobile games it was quite clear that there is no better cross platform solution out there which finally lead to the birth of Cerberus X.

Other contributors

The following members of our community have actively contributed code to Cerberus X:

dawlane, Muruba, Soap, PixelPaladin, Paul59

If you feel, that your name is missing, please let us know!

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    Jan 29, 2019
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