Mecha dating simulator
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I've taken a break from my larger projects to prototype a game that's been on my mind ever since I played the queer mecha interactive fiction Heaven Will Be Mine. The core idea is to have your dialogue options also be your combat actions as you talk to/fight another pilot. Gif: The html5 demo...

Cerberus X v2020-05-09 released

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Hi folks, a new release of Cerberus X is out. Some fixes, some new stuff, new modules, etc. And as always, a big thank you to all who were involved in this version. You can download it from here: In case...


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Hi I've made a new app for speech & language therapists over the last few days, it's called DoraLex (a bad pun mixing "Dora The Explorer" and the usual kind of names that reading/lexicon databases/app bear) It mixes three Creative Commons French word databases, Lexique, Manulex and Manulex...
Video Module
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So, I've got video to work on html5. The module is here: Hope for someone to extend it for android :). That would be awesome.
PONGbit - A very simple game
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Hello again!! Here I leave a microgame, it cannot be simpler, it is a PONG!!! PONGbit is a game for two players. Whoever reaches 10 points will win ;). LINK:
BREAKbit - Break it all
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Hi all, how is the world :( Here is another one of my games, a simple Breakout but I like it. It's called and it has 29 levels to destroy. I was curious to create this type of game, it is simple but addictive, I hope you like it :p. LINK:
Jet Flight - game for android
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Hey. This is my very first game for android. Created many years ago at Monkey. Now I update it with the help of Cerberus. Jet Flight is a fun game in which you have to fly on a jet apparatus, look for, collect and transport precious stones and gold coins to the base. Check the game here: Jet Flight
Something 3D
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Learning OpenGL ES and especially 3D matrix transformations is fun.... NOT! Not sure where this leads too, but anyway...

Cerberus X - Tutorial about How to Create a Double Dragon Styled Fighting Game (for Beginners)

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Hello everyone, I created a tutorial about how to create a Double Dragon styled fighting game. I made this tutorial specifically to get beginners started in making games or just get beginners started in programming in general. I did this tutorial from a beginner's perspective. I tried to do...
DINObit - The extinction comes
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Hi everyone ;)!!! I created another one of my little games, it’s called DINObit, this time based on a game called "T-Rex Chrome", ... that of Google. I have added my personal touch and some extra. The game consists of overcoming obstacles that you encounter along the way, it is very simple...

About Cerberus X

Welcome to Cerberus X, a cross-platform development toolset which serves 2D game development at its core. Cerberus X is a fork of the Monkey X programming language which was originally developed by Mark Sibly. The goal is to enhance and develop it further!


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