Michael Hartlef
New home page
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Cerberus X got a new home page.
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A new IDE for Cerberus X
An untitled platformer/RPG
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Hi folks, like I have stated in my recent devlog, my son and I want to develop a game together. We settled on a 2D mix of action platformer/RPG/adventure thingy. You have to go on quests, inside and outside. You can travel to other continents, develop your character and so on. The usuable...
Tutorial How to use Realtime.Co for a turn-based multiplayer game
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Learn how to use Realtime.Co for your turn-based multiplayer project.
User devlogs! Cause we want to read about your projects!
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Write about your projects!
Tutorial How to use ABSTRACT with class methods
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Learn how to use abstract methods to emulate function pointers.
Cerberus X v2018-12-30 released!
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Fixes, refactoring of the MakeDocs tool, changes to the documentation, updated TED touses the QT5 5.92. and its webengine and some rework of the mojo2 examples.
PubNub - REST Api usage
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Use the popular online messaging service in your Cerberus X powered app.
Download stats of Cerberus X
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Check out the download stats since its first release!
Calculate the pitch rate for a sound
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If you need to calculate the pitch rate for a sound to play it back differently.

About Cerberus X

Welcome to Cerberus X, a cross-platform development toolset which serves 2D game development at its core. Cerberus X is a fork of the Monkey X programming language which was originally developed by Mark Sibly. The goal is to enhance and develop it further!


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