Addon Modules for Cerberus X

CollisionMask for mojo2

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Hi, this is a CollisionMask module by David Powell. Use for pixel perfect using collision mask. More info here . I edit a little and convert the samples to be use in CX mojo2. The edited version can be download in this...

Proquint — Int to a readable string and back again

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I would be surprised if this ends up being useful to anybody else, but I implemented Proquints in cxs. They're useful for getting a pronounceable string out of an integer & be able to get the int back from that string. I'm using it to make unique number IDs something I can show to the user &...
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Here is a module for some image filters I did this weekend.. Update to my old code used in PXL64 Migration to the built-in HSV model in mojo.color rather than my old HSV implementation Addition of new filters its all written in native CX, so some will be slower in Debug mode. Filters include...

Inifinite Planes for MiniB3D

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So, I had this working for MiniB3d / BlitzMax - and now I kind of ported it to MiniB3d / Monkey-X / Cerberus-X. Why "kind of", you ask? Because I had this integrated into myown version of miniB3D. This code, you'll have to import "TPlane" yourself, and also call TPlane.UpdatePlanes(camera)...
Video Module
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So, I've got video to work on html5. The module is here: Hope for someone to extend it for android :). That would be awesome.
Appodeal module
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Hi EDIT: latest update here This is v1.0.0 of the appodeal module Ive tested it wih Appodeal v2.6.0 nd CX v2019-10-13 Feeback very welcome

SaveImage module (mojo2)

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This little module will let you save the content of a canvas to either a PNG, JPG or BMP file. A little test programm is basically self explaining. About its usage. The relevant part is this: Import saveImage '... Local file := RequestFile("Save file....", "Image Files:png,jpg,bmp;All...

Dynamically load and save objects using Reflection

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Hi Ive published this module v0.1 This is very early days to dynamically load and save objects. Currently it only supports flat objects (no nested objects or arrays) and only supports ints, floats and strings. This is to help me with my...

About Cerberus X

Welcome to Cerberus X, a cross-platform development toolset which serves 2D game development at its core. Cerberus X is a fork of the Monkey X programming language which was originally developed by Mark Sibly. The goal is to enhance and develop it further!


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