Tutorials for Cerberus X
Mojo2-version of the tile example by Pakz
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Here's a Mojo2 version of the tiles and springs example, using simple sprite graphics, instead of a rectangle as in the original. I included a simple right-animation sequence as an example, which makes it a good startingpoint. Graphics https://opengameart.org/content/boundworlds-npc-girl...

Matrix useful for physics, collision and loads more

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Import mojo2 #MOJO_AUTO_SUSPEND_ENABLED=False Function Main() New MyApp End Function Class MyApp Extends App Field myMatrix : Matrix Field myPoint : Point Field myRect : Rectangle Field origin : Point Field debugOn : Bool = False Field canvas : Canvas Method...
Example of HTML5 target in Mojo2
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Here's a simple example how to use Mojo2 and raw HTML to do something in HTML5 target. Import mojo2 #MOJO_AUTO_SUSPEND_ENABLED=False #HTML5_CANVAS_WIDTH=1440 ' Set your wanted window-size here #HTML5_CANVAS_HEIGHT=900 #If TARGET="html5" Extern Function ReloadApp:Void() =...
Cerberus-X Cheat sheet for newcomers
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I just wanna give something back to the community and all the newcomers. Here's a cheat sheet with the most commonly used commands. We'll see where this goes but if anyone finds it useful, be my guest :)
Simple retro sinus scroller
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A little example showing off some retro coding using strings and mojo2. Import mojo2 Function Main() New MyApp End Class MyApp Extends App Field canvas:Canvas Field A:String = "Sine waves ARE AMAZING AM I RIGHT?!" Field B:Float Method OnCreate() canvas=New...

Tutorial Hue Rotation

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So for next tutorial i give the code of the huerotator, please try to implement this. /* Simple hue rotation filter based on article: http://beesbuzz.biz/code/hsv_color_transforms.php Author Daniil from shadertoy GTR 2020 for CX */ uniform sampler2D Texture; uniform float timer; uniform...
Space Harrier Floor Shader
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Hello, Another nice shader converted for CX; You know Space-harrier , this shader simulate floor of space harrier game; I am working on multiple project based on shaders, if you want special shader conversion let me know please. Online demo...
Wobble Shader Demo
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Hello Again Here is another shader demo called wobble, this effect is nice to make flag etc. It use texture. I used Cerberus logo in Demo without permission .. sorry ! I can remove it if needed. Live demo: http://gigatron3k.free.fr/html5/CX/wobble/CerberusGame.html wobble.cxs file code...

About Cerberus X

Welcome to Cerberus X, a cross-platform development toolset which serves 2D game development at its core. Cerberus X is a fork of the Monkey X programming language which was originally developed by Mark Sibly. The goal is to enhance and develop it further!


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