How to use Realtime.Co for a turn-based multiplayer game
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Learn how to use Realtime.Co for your turn-based multiplayer project.

MikeHart - DevLog - Update 2019/01/31

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A new editor, changes to the website, tutorials and a new game in the works! Interested= Well then read on!
User devlogs! Cause we want to read about your projects!
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Write about your projects!
How to use ABSTRACT with class methods
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Learn how to use abstract methods to emulate function pointers.
Easy High Scores
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Learn how easy it is to integrate a Highscore list into your game.

INVADERSbit - Aliens and pixels

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A classic Space Invaders but with my style of play and very simplified graphics.
Cerberus X v2018-12-30 released!
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Fixes, refactoring of the MakeDocs tool, changes to the documentation, updated TED touses the QT5 5.92. and its webengine and some rework of the mojo2 examples.

SOKObit - The creative sokoban

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Control an alien and you have to place all the boxes that are on the level above the buttons to go to the next level.
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MonkeyDO, a medical app used in brain surgery!
Coldet - Functions for collision detection
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Very useful functions to detect collisions in different ways!

About Cerberus X

Welcome to Cerberus X, a cross-platform development toolset which serves 2D game development at its core. Cerberus X is a fork of the Monkey X programming language which was originally developed by Mark Sibly. The goal is to enhance and develop it further!


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