We are back online

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Sorry for the inconvenience over the weekend folks. My webspace got hacked and my ISP decided to take all my domains down. After some cleaning up we are back and hopefully no harm was done. The website is a copy from the 19th I think and so attachments from later on are lost.
Dein Karrieretrainer (Your career trainer)
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Hey, this is a career app in German. It contains 15 tests and 3 courses/exercises that help you to start or get further with your career! I've found out that there are many apps that help you choose a profession, but none that helps you with advanced questions, like: which type of company (e.g...
Re-virtual resolution
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I've been looking a long time for a efficient and easy way to create a virtual resolution on all devices including mobiles and desktops. There's autofit, it's for mojo1 only but I was thinking of converting it only to discover it might not be a good idea, also it's blurry (which could be a...
Lense effect
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A lense effect using mojo2. Import mojo2 Function Main:Int() New Game() End Function Class Point Field x:Float Field y:Float Method New(tX:Float,tY:Float) x = tX y = tY End End Class Game Extends App Field myimage:Image Field canvas:Canvas...
Added blend mode
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Hi I added a subtractive blend mode for anyone who wants it, just replace the graphics.cxs file inside your Cerberus folder with this one. Here's an example how a shape would be painted using normal paint mode and the new subtractive mode. Normal drawing versus subtractive
Team DevLog Phil7- Update 2020/06/27
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This is my first DevLog ever. So let's see how it goes... Besides looking into the render layer candidate Sokol and wrapping my head around C99 versus C++11 to see how it could be implemented, I am working on the documentation of Cerberus X. This is what I have so far: - New Strukture of the...
My DevLog - Update 2020/06/25
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Well, of course! Here we are. I start a new thread, to keep your dev log tidy ;) As you might have read, I am currently working on a VS Code extension for Cerberus X. What I have so far: - syntax highlighting - document outline - rudimentary in-editor help panel See for yourself: It's not...

[EXAMPLE] 2D camera in mojo2

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Hi. Currently I am having a big fight trying to implement a 2D camera with mojo2 and I did come across this article explaining how to implement a camera in Monkey X and mojo: How to create a 2D Camera Effect in Monkey X The author in the article also share links to third party sites where he...

About Cerberus X

Welcome to Cerberus X, a cross-platform development toolset which serves 2D game development at its core. Cerberus X is a fork of the Monkey X programming language which was originally developed by Mark Sibly. The goal is to enhance and develop it further!


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