1. MikeHart

    Roadmap 2021

    Hi folks and friends! Ahhh, another roadmap I hear you saying! If it is of no interest to you, then please pass by. :p This is a list of things that imho need to be worked on in 2021 to keep Cerberus X working on all platforms and make it more attractive. Will this goal be achieved is a...
  2. MikeHart

    Roadmap for 2018-2019

    Hi folks, today I was thinking that I should again outline the plans I have for CX in the future. So what could be good for Cerberus-X to be worked on: Be able to release CX on Linux and OSX again ( OSX done by myself, Linux done my dawlane) Create an UWP target (Win10 market, XBox)...
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