Cerberus X v2018-12-30 released!

Hi folks,

here is again a new release of Cerberus X.


The biggest changes this time are the refactoring of the MakeDocs tool and also the overwork of the documentation by Olivier Stucker. Then our user Dawlane has made modifications to TED, so it uses the QT5 webengine now and is compiled via QT 5.9.2.
Also of course included are some fixes and some rework of the mojo2 examples by our user Paul59.

Big thank you to all who was involved in this version.

These are the notes from the change log:

FIX: [AGK_IOS] Fixed AGK_IOS target showing up on non OSX platforms.
FIX: [brl.requesters] Fixed RequestFile not working with a set path.
FIX: [TED] Fixed selecting a help topic in the toolbar didn't show up the help file directly.
MOD: [example] Various changes to sample scripts (Author: Paul59)
FIX: [TED] Fixed "Open on Desktop" on Linux. (Author: Dawlane)
MOD: [TED] If text is selected in the editor, it will be pre set in the Find dialog.
MOD: [DOCS/MAKEDOCS] Numerous changes to the docs and MakeDocs itself.
FIX: [GLFW/GLFW-ANGLE] Fixed returning MouseZ resets MouseX and MouseY to zero.
MOD: [TED] Bigger changes so TED uses the QT5 webengine now and needs QT5.9.2 to compile. (Author: Dawlane)

I will keep the old versions up for now, as the move to QT 5.9.2 is a bigger one and I hope I didn't forget any dependencies for TED.

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I have uploaded the newest docs to the server and also resubmitted the OSX version as there was indeed a dependency problem. Hopefully fixed now.
The fasted way for would be to grab the sources from GH and compile them yourself.
Yeah, not sure what the best route is to avoid confusion! I've got the previous version plus dawlane's version of Ted and a separate local working copy of my fork. I don't want to compile from the latter as I'll probably end up with loads of files that I'd have to track down and gitignore and I'm a total noob with git!

Does v2018-12-31 include all dawlane's changes?
If there are any OSX (10.14.x) users here, I would be happy to read your results with the new version. I have one report
about that you need to do this

sudo xcode-select -s /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer
and that the dreading retina display bug is back. What is your experience?
Thanks. It took me 5 hours to fix my computer's Win 8.1 to accept the VC++ install/update. But Ted is working great. A big "thank you" to everyone who worked on this release of Cerberus X.
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After a long time I was trying to built for Android with this new release. I had to change minSDK in the config.cxs from 26 to 19 to get it running on my test device. Is there a reason for choosing ApiLevel 26 as minimum?

Another thing I noticed, was that the app only installs and runs automatically in debug mode. In release mode I have to manually install the .apk file.

Here is the log:

28 actionable tasks: 27 executed, 1 up-to-date
Starting: Intent { cmp=de.ideenschau.mathetrainermojo.test/.CerberusGame }
Error type 3
Error: Activity class {de.ideenschau.mathetrainermojo.test/de.ideenschau.mathetrainermojo.test.CerberusGame} does not exist.
--------- beginning of /dev/log/main
E/memtrack(30943): Couldn't load memtrack module (No such file or directory)
E/android.os.Debug(30943): failed to load memtrack module: -2
E/SMD ( 184): DCD ON
--------- beginning of /dev/log/system
Thanks, Michael
Do you know how low minSdk is sensible to work with cerberus, so not to many people are complaining about crashes :p
due to incompatibilities.
Android Studio sets Api 15 (4.0.3) as default Minimum for Phone and tablet. With this you reach aprox 100% of the devices out there.
Do you think this is also usable for CerberusX?
Android Studio sets Api 15 (4.0.3) as default Minimum for Phone and tablet. With this you reach aprox 100% of the devices out there.
Do you think this is also usable for CerberusX?
I actually have no clue. If that is the minimum as a default, we should use that too.
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