Changing the HTML5 APP Title


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Jul 12, 2020

Perhaps I do not how to use this command or perhaps there is a bug.
I am trying to set the Title of the Tab on an HTML5 build to something other than CerberusGame.
In the file config.csx of the project I have changed the code to use, in this example, "FooBar" for the title.
Cerberus X:
The name of the generated .html file is correctly changed to FooBar.html, but
the tab title presumably set by this line:
Cerberus X:
is not being changed, it still says CerberusGame.
I have tried adding this line to the source code directly with the same results.


CerberusX v2020-05-09
Windows 10
Latest FireFox browser
HTML5 debug buld
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