Compatible Windows versions


Jun 3, 2019
What versions are CereberusX compatible with?

1) What Windows can you run the actual compiler on?
2) What Windows versions are needed to run the executables that it generates?

I have Windows 7 machine on the attic, maybe I could use that one to mess around with the compiler and code some games? Or would that be incompatible with Windows 10?


Jun 26, 2017
My last tests worked fine on Windows XP 32 Bit machines, but only when using mojo not mojo2. This was some time ago.
But I guess it had to do with gfx stuff like openGL.
For the compiler it should be the same, as it is writen in Cerberus and can be build using the same toolchane as far as I know.
The Ide is something else, because it is writtten in C++ using Qt.
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